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These resources have been developed to assist paralegals with understanding their obligations under the ucw88 da ga Paralegal Rules of Conduct and the Law Society's By-Laws, as well as with ensuring proper practice management. However, subject to any legal, by-law, or Paralegal Rules requirements, these resources are not intended to replace a paralegal's professional judgment. Each practice management issue must be assessed in the context of the paralegal's own legal services practice.

Opening, Operating, or Closing a Practice

The Paralegal-Client Relationship

Managing Files


Managing Money

Working with Others



The Paralegal Basic Management Checklist provides a general review of topics. If the specific practice topic that you are interested in is not listed above, we may not have developed a resource for it yet. You may wish to search for past Law Society CPD articles related to practice management topics or search the Law Society's library resources using InfoLocate to retrieve books, journals, articles, and online information on your topic.