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  • Osgoode Hall Turns 175 - Documenting a Landmark / Osgoode Hall a 175 ans - au sujet d'un lieu historique (available in English and French versions)
    • Osgoode Hall Turns 175 - Documenting a Landmark
      Osgoode Hall, a National Historic Site of Canada, is celebrating its 175th birthday in 2007. The building is both venerable and architecturally significant and one of the best-preserved, and best-documented historical structures in Ontario. It is home to the governing body of the lawyers of Ontario and the superior courts of the Province, both known for their love of records and their timeless purposes. This exhibition explores how Osgoode Hall was ?born,? from the needs of its owners to its conception: starting with a spark in the mind of the architect, to its design and planning, and finally to its construction. This anniversary exhibition is a joint project of the Archives of Ontario and the Law Society of Upper Canada.
    • Osgoode Hall a 175 ans - au sujet d'un lieu historique
      Osgoode Hall, lieu historique national du Canada, célèbre en 2007 son 175e anniversaire. Important sur le plan architectural, le vénérable édifice est une des constructions historiques les mieux préservées et documentées de l?Ontario. Il abrite le corps dirigeant des avocats de l?Ontario et les cours supérieures de la province, deux institutions connues pour leur amour des documents et leur mandat intemporel. L?exposition porte sur la ? naissance ? d?Osgoode Hall, des besoins de ses propriétaires à sa conception - de l?étincelle dans l?esprit de son architecte à sa planification et à sa construction. L'exposition est un projet conjoint des Archives publiques de l'Ontario et du Barreau du Haut-Canada.
  • Crossing the Bar
    A century of women's experience "upon the rough and troubled seas of legal practice" in Ontario.
  • The John Beverley Robinson Letterbook
    The letterbook is a 40-page handwritten volume containing outgoing letters and legal opinions of John Beverley Robinson while he was Acting Attorney General during the War of 1812. The journal shows John Beverley Robinson at the beginning of his influential career.
  • Neighbours / Le Quartier (available in English and French versions)
    • Neighbours 
      Osgoode Hall is often the centre of attention in its neighbourhood. This photograph exhibition deliberately shifts the focus from Osgoode Hall to its neighbours. It looks at the evolution of the area from its beginnings as the home of tradesmen and their families, to that of target for social reformers, to the commercial and civic centre it has become.
    • Le Quartier
      Osgoode Hall a toujours re?u beaucoup d'attention. Pourtant, dans cette exposition de photos, les voisins d'Osgoode Hall lui volent délibérément la vedette. On y suit l'évolution du quartier depuis ses débuts : d'abord un refuge pour les artisans et leurs familles, ensuite la cible des réformateurs de la société et enfin, un centre commercial et municipal.
  • These Laid the World Away: The World War One Memorial at Osgoode Hall
    A commemoration of lawyers and law students who died during World War One.

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The Law Society has re-opened its museum. The space features long-term exhibitions on the history of Osgoode Hall, the Law Society and the legal profession in Ontario.

For more information contact Elise Brunet, Curator (ebrunet@lsuc. ucw88 da ga www.wisdomgettingloaded.com; 416-947-4041).