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January 22, 2004

Law Society prepared to regulate legal services to protect consumer interests
The Law Society's governing body, in responding to a letter from the Attorney General, today agreed in principle that the Law Society should regulate paralegal services if the government introduces the appropriate legislation.

Press release
Government relations report
Attorney General's address

Alternate discrimination and harassment counsel appointed
Convocation appointed Sylvia Davis Alternate Discrimination and Harassment Counsel (DHC). Davis will act as DHC when the permanent DHC, Cynthia Petersen, is unable to fulfill her duties.

Bicentennial implementation status report released
Convocation today received a report reviewing the status of recommendations contained in the 1997 Bicentennial report on equity issues in the legal profession. The Bicentennial report, adopted by Convocation in May 1997, made 16 recommendations to guide the Law Society as it seeks to advance the goals of equity and diversity within the legal profession. The Bicentennial implementation status report will direct the strategy of the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee in the coming year.

Bicentennial implementation status report and strategy
Bicentennial report on equity issues in the legal profession - May 1997
Equity and Diversity Web page

Benchers John Campion, Laurie Pawlitza, William Simpson and Bonnie Warkentin were appointed to the Law Society Medal Committee.

Annual Law Society Medal

Agenda + Minutes


  • Professional Regulation Committee
    • Disclosure of Prior Invitations to Attend to PAC
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    • Proposed Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct on Conflicts of Interest Respecting Lawyers' Sexual Relationships with Clients
    • Quarterly Report from the Professional Regulation Division

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