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Treasurer election to be held February 23
Convocation voted to hold an election for Treasurer on February 23 to fill the vacancy created by George Hunter's resignation.

Law Society now able to publish dispositions during appeal period
Convocation approved changes to the process for publicizing regulatory panel dispositions (decisions), increasing the transparency of Law Society regulatory processes. The Law Society is no longer prohibited from publishing Hearing and Appeal Panel dispositions during the appeal period.

Tribunals committee report

Criteria for conduct eligible for regulatory meeting approved
In connection with initiatives approved in June 2005 to enhance regulatory effectiveness, Convocation adopted criteria for conduct that would be eligible for a regulatory meeting. A regulatory meeting may be authorized in circumstances where certain conduct must be addressed but formal discipline proceedings are not warranted.

Professional Regulation committee report

By-Law 9 (Committees) amended
The Tribunals committee mandate was added to By-Law 9.

The mandate of the Tribunals Committee is to develop for Convocation's approval policy options on all matters relating to the operation and administration of the Hearing and Appeal Panels, including the development or preparation of practice directions, an adjudicator code of conduct, publication protocols for tribunal decisions and adjudicator professional development. In addition, subject to the approval of Convocation, the Tribunals Committee may prepare rules of practice and procedure.

Tribunals committee report

Finance and audit committee report
Convocation approved the Finance and audit committee report.

Finance and audit committee report

By-law 38 (Certified Specialist program) amended
Convocation amended By-law 38 (Certified specialist program). The amendment adopts language that more generally addresses both the qualifications and number of referees required to provide references so that by-law amendments are not necessary as program policy is updated.

Professional Development, Competence and Admissions committee

Convocation approved Robert Topp's request to step down from the Audit sub-committee.

Benchers Constance Backhouse, Paul Copeland, Allan Gotlib and William Simpson were appointed to the Law Society Medal/Lincoln Alexander Award committee.

Benchers Andrea Alexander, Constance Backhouse, Neil Finkelstein, Vern Krishna and
Beth Symes were appointed to the LL.D. Advisory committee.

The Governance Task Force report and the Access to Justice report were deferred. The Emerging Issues report was tabled.


Agenda and Minutes


Access to Justice Committee

  • Proposed Law Commission of Ontario

    For Information

  • Proposal for New Law School in Thunder Bay

Director of Professional Development & Competence

  • Candidates for Call to the Bar

Emerging Issues Committee

  • Policy on Responses to Human Rights Violations Involving Lawyers and Judges

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Fund Investment Policy
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Fund Banking Resolution

    For Information

  • Financial Statements for Third Quarter
  • Investment Compliance Reports for Third Quarter

Governance Task Force

Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee

  • Amendments to By-Law 38 (Certified Specialists) and Related Policies

    For Information

  • Notice to Licensing Candidates
  • Director's Quarterly Benchmark Report

Professional Regulation Committee

  • Criteria With Respect to Members' Conduct Eligible for the New Regulatory Meeting (Report from theProceedings Authorization Committee)

Secretary's Report to Convocation

  • Vacancy in Office of the Treasurer

ucw88 da ga Tribunals Committee

  • Proposed Amendment to By-Law 9: Committee Mandate
  • Publication of Panel Decisions

    For Information

  • Overdue Tribunal Matters and Benchmark for Decision Writing

Reports for Information Only

CEO's Report (in camera) - Report Released

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee

  • Action Plan for Retention of Women in Private Practice
  • Equity Public Education Events Schedule - 2006

Portraits Task Force