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June 28, 2011: Invitation to Lawyers to apply for Appointment to the Law Society's Hearing Panel

February, 2, 2011:? Call for Expressions of Interest From Qualified Practitioners


April 7, 2010:? Annual General Meeting

April 7, 2010:? Annual General Meeting Motion


December 15, 2009:? ucw88 da ga Important Information Regarding Payment of the Real Estate Transaction Levy

June 10, 2009:? New Rules of Practice and Procedure for Hearing Panels

February 27, 2009:? Annual General Meeting

January 21, 2009:? Re: Changes to Security Procedures at Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada, and Tax Court of Canada


December 8, 2008:? Notice to Lawyers:? Consultation on proposed amendments to Rule 6.03(9) - Communications with represented organizational clients

November 20, 2008:? Recent Rule and By-Law Amendments

October 30, 2008:? Law Society extends effective date of client ID and verification requirements to December 31, 2008 and amends requirements

October 8, 2008:??Notice to the profession: Licensing

September 25, 2008:??Consultation period extended for proposed new Rules of Practice and Procedure

September 18, 2008:? Practice Audits for Paralegals

September 16, 2008:??Notice to the Legal Professions: New Client ID and Verification Requirements October 31, 2008

July 28, 2008:? Notice to the Professions Recent Rule and By-Law Amendments

June 9, 2008:??Notice to Lawyers: New Private Practice Re-entry Requirement

June 6, 2008:? Recent Rule and By-law Amendments

May 21, 2008:? Law Society Alert on Scams

May 5, 2008:??New client ID and verification requirements come into effect October 31, 2008

April 28, 2008:? Paralegals Cautioned About the Referral of Clients from Third Parties

April 10, 2008:??Notice of Motion for Annual General Meeting

March 25, 2008:? Law Society Cautions Against Use of Canadian Lawyers Index

March 3, 2008:??Annual General Meeting

February 12, 2008:? Consultation on the Report of the Licensing and Accreditation Task Force