Starting November 1, 2017 we are changing the way you submit communications requests through inMotionNow to allow the Communications Team to better help your unit.

We are moving to a system of dedicated forms for three different types of projects:

  1. Promotions requests (Blue, Orange, Purple, & Teal Packages)
  2. Collateral requests
  3. Website requests
  • ucw88 da ga Log in to your inMotionNow account, select Start new in the top left hand corner and place a new request.
  • Complete all of the requested fields, and select your form from the drop down list (Promotions, Collateral or Website).
  • If you select the Promotions request, you will be asked to select a package once you have opened the form.

All material and content created by Student Life Communications is guaranteed to meet AODA requirements. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Compliance


Promotions Promotions Requests and Packages
Collateral Communications Collateral Requests & Timelines
Website Website Requests and Timelines

Promotions Requests and Packages

The promotions request form should be used to request strategic planning, promotion and outreach for:

  • workshops, panels and events
  • conferences and retreats
  • program promotion
  • launch of a new service or change to an existing service
  • campaign creation for a theme or topic

When you select the promotions request form, you will be asked to select a service package. A communications plan will be developed by our team using your selected package as a guide.

Note: Website edits (event listings, event pages, registration forms) and print production can be requested on the Promotions form. Please put everything one one request.

Blue Package - Promotions for large scale events/Promotion for large scale initiatives or programs

These are typically large, one-off initiatives or program launches designed to reach a large volume of students. 

  • Lead time: six weeks
  • Graphic design: full support (posters, logo, design, postcards, digital assets, event programs, banners and signage, etc.)
  • Print: full support
  • Content: full support (development of key messages, copywriting in conjunction with programming staff)
  • Social media: full support (campaign development, Facebook event, digital assets, promotion of event on all channels, live tweeting, live instagramming, social media wall/hub, possible live streaming, Snapchat promotion, may include filters.)
  • Webfull support
  • On-campus outreach: e-newsletters (subject to editorial decisions), Just in Time slides (subject to editorial decisions), digital slides, identification of key resources and contacts/ channel distribution, washroom frames if appropriate
  • Media: Bulletin Brief/U of T News/ liaison with Central Communications if appropriate.
  • Event logistics: Support available upon request if appropriate.
  • Photography: Subject to availability.
  • Video: Subject to availability. Depending on availability and nature of video request. Speak to communications team.
  • Promotional items: Evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of projects that would be selected for the Blue package include:

  • HealthyU month
  • Mental Health Framework launch
  • First Nations House 25th anniversary
  • Multi-Faith Centre 10th anniversary
  • Learning Abroad campaign
  • Research catalogue
  • Launch of off-campus housing finder
  • Career Information Days

Orange Package - Promotions for standard events and programs

  • Lead time: Three weeks
  • Graphic design: 8.5 x 11 flyer, digital slide, poster
  • PrintEvaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • ContentCopy for postersand slides, website copy
  • Social media: Facebook events if appropriate, Twitter and Instagram promotion, live overage on a case-by-case basis
  • Web: new page on website if appropriate, events listing on website, calendar listing, updates to current program pages
  • On-campus outreach: e-newsletters (subject to editorial decisions), Just in Time slides (subject to editorial decisions), digital slides
  • Photography: If event provides unique opportunities or good action-orientated photos, subject to availability.

Examples of projects that would be selected for the Orange package include:

  • Fun, food and friends
  • Leadership programs/workshops/conferences
  • Dream Job Academy
  • Fresh Start conference/program
  • Study Hubs
  • Mentorship week
  • Mindful Moments
  • Grad Escapes/Grad Talks


Purple Package - Promotions for recurring workshops/events

These events are repeated several times throughout the course of the year. Communication strategies will be designed based on the series rather than individual occurrences.

  • Lead time: Two weeks
  • Graphic design: Grouped with a series of similar events and included on all print material for that group term calendars and creative for each area/series.
  • Print: Series material only.
  • Content: series material only, editing, proofreading
  • Social media: Promotional posts (subject to editorial decisions). Will be grouped into series wherever possible.
  • Web: series/bucket material only, calendar listings, updates to current program pages.
  • On-campus outreach: Series material in e-newsletters/Just in Time slides and digital slides (subject to editorial decisions).

Examples of projects that would be selected for the Purple package include:

  • Career Exploration and Education workshops
  • Academic Success workshops
  • Centre for International Experience Immigration/visa workshops
  • Housing workshops


Teal Package - Digital promotions only

  • Lead time: two weeks
  • Social media: Promotional Posts (subject to editorial decisions)
  • On-campus outreach: e-newsletters, Just in Time slides, digital slides (all subject to editorial decisions)

??Examples of projects that would be selected for the Teal package include:

  • Requests for inclusion in Nine New Things/International Nine New Things
  • Social media promotion
  • Posting of digital slides (once slides have already been created)
  • Promotion of external events/programs through Student Life channels

Communications Collateral Requests & Timelines

  • requests for business cards or stationery items
  • print or reprint requests
  • photography requests not related to a program or event
  • writing of reports or articles
  • banners and signage (wayfinding)

Print Design

  • business cards/stationery: 2 weeks
  • posters (8.5x11 or 11x17): 2 weeks
  • postcards: 2 weeks
  • one pagers/handouts: 2 weeks
  • event program: 2 weeks
  • invitations: 2 weeks
  • logo design: 4 weeks
  • promotional brochure (with copy): 4 weeks
  • reports/guides/books (with copy): 6-8 weeks

Print Requests

  • postcards, posters, flyers in quantities less than 5000: 3-5 business days
  • postcards, posters, flyers in quantities more than 5000: 5-7 business days
  • die cut or folded items: 2 weeks
  • large books or reports: 2 weeks

Print times vary depending on the complexity of the piece and the quantities. Please consult the Communications Team for exact timelines.


  • banners: 4 weeks
  • event signs: 2 weeks


  • ?article: 2 weeks
  • reports/book copy: 4 weeks
  • copyediting: 2 weeks

Promotional Items

  • swag: 4-6 weeks
  • t-shirts: 4-6 weeks
  • copyediting: 2 weeks

Digital Communications

  • digital assets (web or social media graphics): 2 weeks
  • digital slides: 2 weeks
  • Just in Time slides: 2 weeks
  • social media campaign: 3 weeks
  • e-newsletter template (Mailchimp): 3 weeks
  • electronic invitations/email letters: 2 weeks

Website Requests and Timelines

For web requests related to your services or general information, either to update existing content or to add new web pages, please submit a website request.

For web requests related to a program or event, please complete the website edits section of the Promotions Request form. 


  • Small content changes e.g. news items or minor changes to existing pages: 24-48 hours
  • Forms: 24-72 hours, may be longer at peak times
  • Changes to the information architecture and/or major content changes: require a meeting with the Manager, Information Projects; turn-around times will be established then.