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On April 2, 2012, The Law Society of Upper Canada launched the five-year pilot "Career Coaching Program", a program for women lawyers who meet specified eligibility criteria to receive, without charge, up to six hours of career coaching from a qualified professional career coach. On March 1, 2013, the program was expanded to women paralegals.   

The purpose of the Career Coaching Program is to assist women lawyers who are sole practitioners or in firms of five lawyers or less and women paralegals who are sole practitioners or in firms of five paralegals or less to maintain their practice while taking a parental or compassionate care leave.  The Program is structured to allow for two hours of coaching prior to the leave to assist in ramping down the practice, two hours during the leave to assist in maintaining the practice during the leave, and two hours following the leave, to assist with the reintegration into practice.

The Career Coaching Program is one of the many initiatives developed under the Retention of Women in Private Practice Project. It is designed to empower women to take charge of their careers and assist in maintaining the viability of small firms and sole practices. 

Participation in the Law Society's Career Coaching Program for lawyers and paralegals is an eligible CPD activity, so long as it serves to enhance or maintain the lawyer or paralegal's knowledge, skills, professionalism, and/or competence to practice law. Lawyers and paralegals may apply actual time spent in coaching sessions toward their annual CPD requirement to a maximum of 6 hours per year under the Mentoring category. In order to obtain Professionalism Hours for participating in coaching, lawyers and paralegals need to apply for accreditation. See CPD Accreditation Process for more information.

 To be eligible for benefits under the Career Coaching Program, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

  1.  be a woman lawyer or paralegal who is either
    1. about to take a parental or compassionate care leave;
    2. on a parental or compassionate care leave;
    3. returning from a parental or compassionate care leave;
  2. be a member in good standing;
  3. be a sole practitioner, a lawyer in a firm of five lawyers or less or a paralegal in a firm of five paralegals or less and located in Ontario.

 Before completing the Application Form, applicants should review the Guidelines and Criteria for Applying and Frequently Asked Questions for further requirements and information on how to apply for the career coaching services. 

For general inquiries, please contact the Equity Initiatives Department at coaching@lsuc. ucw88 da ga, 1 800-668-7380 ext. 3954 or 416-947-3954.


List of participating Career Coaches: 

  1. Robin Cameron, Life Inspired, Solution Focused Coaching, Kingston,
  2. Delee Fromm, Delee Fromm Consulting, Oakville,
  3. Victoria Grant, Moving Red Canoe, Stouffville, 
  4. Louise Gratton, Optimum Talent, Ottawa,  
  5. Tammy Hoffman, Optimum Talent, Ottawa,
  6. Jill Hugessen, Force 10 Coaching, Montréal,
  7. Lianne Krakauer, Career Coach & Leadership Consultant, Toronto,
  8. Jan Lowenthal, The Lowenthal Group Inc., Toronto,
  9. Sheena MacAskill, Career Development Strategies for Lawyers, Toronto,
  10. Marjorie Shore, The Coaching Clinic, Toronto,
  11. Kathleen Tribe, Resolve 360 Inc., Markham,