Summer 2018 Work Study positions

Eligible faculty and staff can begin submitting Work Study opportunities to the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) for the fall/winter term. This year, there were some important changes to the program that helps more than 3,500 U of T students gain valuable work experience while they study.

Things to remember:

  • Students receive a wage of $11.40 per hour, plus 4% vacation pay. The per-student cost also includes 10% SBR for a total per-hour cost of $13.04.
  • The University will cover 70% of the hourly wage and the employer will pay the remaining 30%.
  • All applications will be collected through the CLNx instead of individual email accounts to keep everything well organized.
  • Job postings can have up to four vacancies each.

Every year, students across all three campuses benefit from the Work Study program, gaining valuable work experience as they contribute to the U of T community.

If you’re planning to hire students through the program this year, here are some important dates to remember:

  • February 13 – March 10: Job submission period to CLNx by Staff/Faculty 
  • March 17 – April 14: Faculty/staff will be notified of their approved jobs
  • April 17 – May 19: Students can view, apply and be hired for jobs
  • May 31 - Hiring forms must be received by Enrolment Services

The program period runs from the first day of classes to the last day of classes at each campus.

  • May 1 - August 6 (UTSC)
  • May 15 - August 14 (St. George)
  • May 8 - August 14 (UTM)

“My Work Study experience has been great,” says Ann Shi, a graduate student focusing on language and literacy education, who is currently in a Work Study position as a peer career advisor. “Doing this hands-on work shows me that there is so much to learn beyond the classroom and outside of my research. This is my passion and what I’m learning here is different from my training so it gives me a valuable new perspective.”

While students benefit from the hands-on opportunity to apply their skills in a professional setting, staff and faculty are able to increase their output and learn new techniques from students on the cutting edge of their field.

If you’d like to create a Work Study position in your department, start the process today by logging in to your CLNx account.