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Latest Update – February 2018

The Governance Task Force provided a report to Convocation that outlined key findings and next steps under its the mandate of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in Law Society governance as one of Convocation’s strategic priorities.

The following themes will inform the Task Force’s ongoing work to recommend improvements for greater board effectiveness:

  1. Convocation is too large
  2. Committees are too large
  3. Conduct of meetings and decision-making are affected by the size of Convocation and committees
  4. Composition of the board, including the method of composition, the range of diversity and the ex officio component, requires review
  5. The Treasurer’s term of office should be reviewed.

The next phase of the Task Force’s work will:

  1. engage benchers in further discussion on the topics of architecture and governance process,
  2. decide on recommendations for change, and
  3. determine opportunities for stakeholder engagement once the direction for change is defined. 

Background and Resource Information

In September 2016, The Governance Task Force was established by Convocation, at the request of the Treasurer, to review and make recommendations in regard to the Law Society's governance structure.

The work of the Governance Task Force 2016 supports Convocation's strategic priority to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Law Society's governance methods.

At its May, 2017 meeting, Convocation approved the Governance Task Force’s recommendation to change the bencher election process so there is a single election date for the lawyer and paralegal bencher elections.

The first single election will be held on April 30, 2019, which is the scheduled date for the next lawyer bencher election. This requires a one-year extension of the current paralegal bencher term, as the scheduled date for the next paralegal bencher election is March 29, 2018.