Welcome to the U of T Community!

Now is the time to plan for an awesome university experience. Ensure a smooth start in September by using this simple summer checklist to get a head start on organizing your first year.


Student Life App Download the student life app
U of T Student ID Get your TCard, UTORid and UTmail+ account
Find a place to live Explore Housing
Accessibility services Register with Accessibility Services for academic accommodation
University Prep Series Enrol in the University Prep Series
Register for courses Explore course offerings and register online
Pay your fees Pay your tuition on time to avoid late fees
Explore campus Find your way around campus and downtown Toronto
Food on campus Find where to eat and buy food on campus
Campus life Explore life outside the classroom
Mentorship/Leadership Check out mentorship and leadership programs
Find a job on campus Explore part-time and Work Study opportunities
Ask the experts Participate in our Facebook ASKme Anything chats
Your orientation Plan and prepare for Orientation week
Health Records Gather your health records
Get to know us Meet your registrars and Student Life offices
Want More? Take your pick from these extra, but important items!

1. Student Life App

The Student Life app gives you quick access to U of T resources, upcoming events, year-specific tips and lets you create lists to stay organized! Download the app through the Google Play or iTunes stores now!

2. Get your TCard, UTORid and UTmail+ account

If you’re in the city after June 1, skip the fall lineup and get your TCard now. But first, check that your legal status in ACORN matches your legal documentation because the TCard office will be verifying your identity using this information. If the information doesn’t match, be sure to visit your registrar’s office before getting your TCard.

While you’re at it, take a minute to activate your UTORid and set up UTmail+. Your TCard and UTORid give you access to the library and the gym.

Plus, you can carry a cash balance to spend on food, printing and more.

3. Find a place to live

The staff at Housing can help! Just use your UTORid to log in to the Off-campus Housing Finder and you’ll have access to more than 10,000 listings near U of T campuses with pre-approved landlords.

Looking for a roommate? Check out the Roommate Finder to connect with other students looking for shared housing.

Explore your off-campus housing options:

4. Register with Accessibility Services

If you have a documented disability (ongoing or temporary), you can register over the summer with Accessibility Services as soon as you have accepted your U of T offer. This way you will avoid the rush in September. Even if you never need an academic accommodation, you can relax knowing you can access them if necessary. If you have a learning disability, mental illness, physical challenge or other accessibility issue, you may be eligible for specific accommodations, appropriate for you: 

  • deadline flexibility 
  • note-taking help & peer mentoring
  • test and exam accommodations

Students with a disability are also encouraged to check out the Moving Forward Summer Transition Program. This is an opportunity to develop the skills to meet new academic expectations, learn about academic and co-curricular programs and start building your network on campus. August 27-29, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

5. University Prep Series

U of T offers support and information that all new students can use. Three mini-courses provide key skills and strategies to prepare you for University academics. Courses are offered August 20-29 and you can attend all or some of them. Check the website for a complete list of dates and times. 

A. Navigating academic supports

  • discover registrar services, writing centres, libraries and more
  • learn about useful online resources with a virtual tour
  • develop a resource action plan for the academic year

B. Effective learning and study habits

  • understand the difference between high school and university learning
  • develop effective study strategies, such as active reading, note-taking and review
  • build healthy habits and resilient attitudes to support your learning 

C. University-style time management and organization

  • understand how to break down large assignments and create study plans
  • create a balanced schedule with room for fun activities
  • learn to manage the stress of being a student 

How to register for University Prep Series

Log in to the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network and click “Register for an Event”. Select the “St. George Academic Success Events & Workshops” calendar. New students can log in using their JOINid as of July 1.

Summer Workshop Series

Do you want in-depth study strategies for delivering presentations, planning assignments, or using critical reading skills? Join new and returning students at the ucw88 da ga Spring/Summer Workshop series. 

6. Register for courses

Here are a few handy tools to help you prepare for course selection. You’ll need your UTORid to access most of these.

  • Course Finder is a tool that lets you search for courses, identify ones you like and email them to yourself for future reference.
  • Degree Explorer allows you to see how future course choices meet degree requirements.
  • Log into ACORN, the student information service, to get familiar with the system. Look up your enrolment times and save your course selections in a cart until enrolment day. 
  • As always, your registrar’s office is the best place for answers to your questions about course selection. 

Your registrar is the most important resource for questions on course selection. 


7. Pay your fees

Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the online payment process and check out Future U of T students website if you need help financing your education.

8. Find your way around campus

Why wait until September? Map your classes now and plan your route on the U of T Campus Map or download the U of T Map app for Android or iOS. And if you’re going to be commuting, visit Transportation Services to check out transit discounts, parking and bike services on campus

9. Find places to eat

Planning to eat on campus, but not living in residence?  A meal plan saves you money and you can pay with your TCard. Visit Food Services' website for information on meal plans and the 40+ places to buy food on campus.  

10. Explore life outside the classroom

Learning at U of T goes way beyond the classroom too! Get involved on campus to build your skills and to find the people and activities that matter to you. To get started, check out Co-Curricular Record opportunities and the database of student clubs and organizations on Ulife.

You CAN get involved and get good grades!

In 2015-16, students who participated in CCR-recognized activities had a Cumulative Grade Point Average .3 points higher than those who didn’t.

Getting involved is a great way to:

  • gain practical work experience
  • meet new people & discover the city
  • stay active & destress

11. Check out mentorship and leadership programs

Get inspired and motivated by connecting with an upper-year student on the Mentorship website. Mentors provide valuable guidance and challenge you to do your best. Many programs begin this summer, so start now to find a mentorship program that works for you. 

Would you like to develop your leadership skills and make connections this summer? Check out Learning to Lead! to gain insight into yourself, others and the community. Workshops are offered in the summer and throughout the academic year. Check in June for August dates. 

Register for Blueprint 

Sign up for Blueprint so you can explore career options, take workshops, and get involved in campus life. The summer is a great time to register so you won’t miss any emails at the start of the school year. You can pick up your card during orientation week.

12. Find a job on campus

Getting a job on campus is an excellent way to learn about U of T while building skills and earning some extra cash. Check out the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network for thousands of on-campus jobs and Work Study positions (Work Study positions are posted starting August 7 and fill up fast!). Log in with your UTORid or your JOINid. 

13. Ask the experts

If you have questions about ANYTHING that's related to U of T just ask! Visit ASKme for answers to all of your questions about student life or join the experts throughout the summer for a Facebook Live to get info and answers on the following topics. 

  • Academic Success
  • Accessibility
  • International Experience
  • Work Study opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Clubs
  • Off-campus housing
  • Orientation week 
  • Commuting 

Check our Facebook events for exact dates and topics.

Tweet us your questions with #AMAUofT. Follow U of T Student Life Twitter for updates.

14. Plan your orientation

Make friends, share experiences and discover the new world of campus life with the Orientation Calendar. Start with your college or faculty orientation and check out additional orientations offered for international students, LGBTQ+ students, students with a disability and more.  

ASKme pop-up booths on campus! 

Look for the ASKme pop-up booths around campus! Upper-year students and recent alumni are ready and waiting to answer your questions! September 2-7 & 10-12

15. Health Records

It’s a good idea to bring your updated immunization records, prescriptions and any health-related information and bring it with you to campus. This will help the staff at the Health & Wellness Centre assist you if needed. 

16. Get to know us

Say hello to the staff at your registrar’s office & student life offices and familiarize yourself with all the available support services. These are the people equipped and eager to contribute to your success.

INCOMING: Nine New Things!

This summer you’ll start receiving Nine New Things, the Student Life enewsletter highlighting interesting happenings on campus and sharing useful information. Look for your incoming student enewsletter (emailed monthly in the summer, and weekly during the school year)

17. Want more?

Did you fly through the checklist and you’re ready for more? No problem, just take your pick from these extra, but important, items!