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In Archives

??First year law class 1944

Because the Law Society Archives contain records of past members, and those participating in the Memoir Writing Project will still be members, the Archives will not likely have a great deal of useful information in its holdings on those writing their practice histories. Nevertheless, Archives may?be able to confirm information for you (dates, names, etc.).

Some members participating in the project will be descendants of lawyers, and Archives will be able to provide basic biographical information about those ancestors.?That information might consist of:? birth and death dates, call dates, and dates of K.C. and other appointments.?Similar information can be obtained about lawyers who were mentors or colleagues of the participants.?

Members are encouraged to include reminiscences about their experiences at law school. To assist in reconstructing these accounts, Archives may be able to supply lists of lawyers called to the Bar in the same year as the member.

Anyone writing their memoirs are encouraged to consider illustrating them with photographs and documents relating to their life and career. The Archives has graduating class photographs for most members who were called to the Bar between 1900 and 1967.

Dates of the founding of county law associations can also be obtained from Archives.

If you have research questions?relating to the Law Society's archives, please contact us at archref@lsuc. ucw88 da ga www.wisdomgettingloaded.com?.

In Membership Services
Member files are retained by the Membership Services Department. Members can access biographical information from their own member file by contacting the Resource Centre .

At the Great Library
The Great Library Reference Room has a valuable collection of Canada Law Lists that date from the 1850s to the present.?These annual publications provide the names and addresses of law firms both large and small.?Members attempting to reconstruct their practice history or the practice histories of their ancestors or colleagues can consult these volumes in the Reference Room. Research assistance can be obtained by contacting Great Library Reference staff at 416-947-3315 or by filling out an e-reference request form on the Great Library Website .???

Other Information
Members attempting to consider their legal careers in a broader context will find Christopher Moore's The Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario's Lawyers 1797-1997 a useful resource. The book can be consulted in the Great Library Reference Room or ordered from the Law Society's "E-Transactions" Website .